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    Quinte Exteriors
    28 Frankford Crescent, Trenton, ON    T: 613.392.6485



    Vinyl Siding provides many essential benefits to the lifetime and maintenance of your home.

    • Provides excellent UV resistance against heat-aging and weathering
    • No more painting or staining
    • Attractive profile selections to complement a wide variety of architectural styling
    • Durable
    • Realistic wood grain textures
    • Wide range of popular styles and colors
    • Noise reduction
    • Impact Resistance
    • Click here to use Mytten’s Virtual Siding Tool



    Aluminum products are available for use on your soffits, fascia, and as trim.

    • Aluminum is strong and rigid, yet light
    • Never rusts, splits or warps
    • Has a durable, blister-free finish that never needs painting
    • Recyclable environmentally-friendly material

    Vented soffit allows outside air to circulate into your attic to prevent heat and moisture from building up, reducing the likelihood of mold, rot and ice damage, This additional circulation increases the efficiency of heating and air conditioning.

    Fascia is designed to protect the underlying eave structure from the damaging effects of sun, rain, ice and snow.



    • Heavy guage aluminum
    • Attractive and durable
    • Easy to install
    • Matching Soffit and Fascias available

    A leaking or overflowing eavestrough can cause serious damage to your home’s exterior surfaces and to your home’s foundation.

    Professionally installed eavestrough will reduce the possibility of flooded basements, siding rot and garden soil erosion.


    • Steel wall and roofing panels

    A professionally installed roof will help protect the interior of your home but not if the shingles are missing, loose, curling, cracked or compromised by algae.

    When you see damaged or missing flashing, rotting fascia and decks it’s time to consider getting your roof looked at.
    ** Quinte Exteriors does not install roofing materials


    • Shutters vinyl or aluminum
    • Gables vents
    • Mounting blocks
    • Scallops or shakes and other decorative accents

    Accents provide increased visual appeal to your home and can certainly increase the curb-side attraction.

    Our full range of accent products are available to help spruce up your home.


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